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I showered by the way. now the question is sit here and wait for fingers to recongeal or pick up camera and leave even though the sun is relatively high in the sky. it is clear at least. I have a polarizer.

the bright idea occurred to me the other day to turn the hot water heater thermostat down. see our tub faucet is cheap so once the hot water gets going and warms up the fixture the hot water knob loses its grip on whatever knobs grip and turns itself all the way open. there is nothing you can do about this other than become a plumber which I'm not interested in doing so when last winter c decided she wanted a *hot* shower and turned the hot water heater up it became necessary in the shower to turn the cold water all the way open in order not to scald yourself. this was fine as long as it remained chilly out but now that it is not particularly chilly it had become impossible to get enough cold in the mix to make the shower refreshing instead of overheating.

now I had thought about turning the hot water heater down some time ago but I would only ever think of it just as I was getting in the shower and then it was too late to do any good for that shower and for some reason even though I would emerge from the bathroom in an uncomfortable sweat I would always forget to turn it down for next time. until one day. I don't know what made me think of it last week but I did and I turned it down and had a nice lukewarm shower just now.

it's 75F here and that is "hot" in our lexicon so lukewarm to cool showers are indicated.

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