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because zyrc didn't think I would

when I was in about 6 or 7th grade or so my friends and I would make up "questionaires" for each other to fill out. it was fun and I still like filling things like this out although most of the time I assume that no one out there would actually want to read them. but what the hell.

1. What time do you get up? depends on what I have to do that day but lately I've been staying up till 3am and sleeping until 1pm. I'm not sure what I think of this trend. if it keeps up I'm going to have to start doing work until 9 at night.

2 If you could eat lunch with one person, who would it be? Patti Smith. actually I'd rather have a beer with her or smoke some opium but whatever.

3. Gold or Silver? Silver.

4. What was the last film you saw at the cinema? Spiderman II. I went with C and told here we were going to see Phil Spiderman. she got the joke. if you don't, you should feel better about yourself than I do about myself.

5 What is/are your favorite TV show/shows? The Simpsons, South Park, and I guess Friends although that is less a favorite and more an out-of-control addiction.

6. What do you usually have for breakfast? cereal. I've been eating cereal in the mornings all my life. it is perhaps my first love.

7. Who would you hate to be stuck in a room with? I'm going to riff off zyrc's answer somewhat and say John Ashcroft. I'm afraid if I were left alone with him I might try to strangle him. [note to feds: I'm KIDDING! kind of.]

8. What is your middle name? Martin.

9. Beach, City or Country? I'm not sure what this is asking, but as I tend to be terrified of middle america I'm going to say city. I prefer my beaches in the wilderness actually, which is not the same thing as the country. I'm happiest where the wilderness butts right up against the metropolis with nothing in between.

10. Favorite ice cream? I hardly ever have ice cream but when I do it is usually vanilla with chocolate topping.

11. Butter, plain or salted pop corn? yeah I don't do popcorn much either but I'll say butter. I've tried it with brewer's yeast at the hippie dippie red vic cinema and I have to say I could probably acquire a taste for it but it is odd.

12. Which would you prefer to buy, shoes or purses? no matter what the second alternative was, I'd probably buy shoes. except in the case of guitars or computers.

13. Make-up or bath products? did I tell you about the dream where I was putting on makeup and it was clear to me that I was doing drag?

bath products I guess but what do you need besides soap and a washcloth?

14 Price not considered, what kind of car would you drive? I haven't paid close attention to what cars are out there since having one where I live is not at all appealing. I'd look at a variety of sports cars first.

15 Favorite sandwich? burrito. oh come on. it's kind of a sandwich.

16 What characteristic in people do you despise? the need to put others down.

17 Favorite flower? a purple or blue one.

18 If you could go anywhere if the world on vacation, where would you go? Berlin. I haven't been yet. second choice would be Paris and then Australia (in their winter, natch).

19 Favorite brand of clothing? Levi's I guess. Kenneth Cole when I'm feeling fancy.

20 Where would you retire to? Vancouver BC

21 Favorite day of the week? any day but sunday. really it's the only day I even notice is a particular "day" these days.

22 What did you do for your last birthday? I went on a seven-mile hike in the mojave desert and then made myself dinner over the camp stove and had a beer and stayed up to photograph the rise of the full moon.

23 Where were you born? Puyallup WA

24 What's your favorite sport to watch? Baseball.

25 Who do you least expect to send this back to you? I don't expect anyone to send it back, but the person least likely to answer it in their own journal is lisagail. or auditorium. or mrrant. or jetgirl23. or johnnydarco. among my friends I am perhaps the biggest dork.

26 Person you expect to send it back first? assuming "send it back" means the same thing as in the last question, I'd say witchewoman and hope she doesn't take this to construe that I think she is a dork like me.

27 What fabric detergent do you use? I usually get tide but last time I bought detergent in a mission street store there was no tide so I got a big red bottle of something. it smells different from tide but not in a bad way.

28 Coke or Pepsi? Calistoga lime flavored fizzy water.

29 Are you a morning person or a night owl? well it looks like I'm turning into a night owl, doesn't it.

30 What is your shoe size? I honestly don't know and am embarrassed to go to a shoe store or department and ask them to measure my feet since they are quite small for men's feet. usually a men's 7 leaves a little toe room but not always so generally that is what I buy.

31 Do you have any pets? I live with a number of animals but the two cats are "mine" insofar as I pay for their food and vet care. Jackson and Santiago as though you didn't know these were their names. housemate S pays for food and vet care for Harold and Peanut, the two dwarf bunnies, and the seven rats two of whom have names--Syd and Morgan--and the rest which don't, as far as I know.

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