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morning? morning.

I've been listening to KEXP for an hour but no Interpol yet. >:(

doubtless there is a radio station here in SF that would be playing Interpol but I don't know which one it would be because for some reason I've never learned my way around the radio dial here except to discover that KALX is so eclectic that there is no getting comfortable with it and that the "adult alternative" station is hopelessly bland. also there's "Alice" at 97.3 or whatever that's supposed to be straight-up alternative but it's annoyingly commercial and so really there isn't much to listen to here.

so. bed at 4:30am, up at 1pm. only eight and a half hours so maybe I'll be able to fall asleep at a somewhat normal hour tonight. tomorrow I have to get up early to take Santiago to get his little testicles removed. :o

I think it will do him good although I have to say that regulating my testosterone levels by hand has shown me how much I like having some hormone or another circulating. I wonder how the cats feel without theirs.

I have to do some work today. however long "today" turns out to be. if I'm up at 4 again tonight I might just stay up, take Santiago in at 8, then go to bed. I figure if I keep inching my way around the clock I will eventually be back to sleeping at night.

that is all for now.

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