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thank you jetgirl23 for pointing out the obvious, enabling me to listen to interpol on my own time. right off the bat I'd say that slow hands rates a little higher than length of love. but who am I to say. I didn't really like PDA or the obstacles until I had listened to them a few times.

I just want to hear this album's NYC. yeah I admit it. I like pretty and brooding.

I am feeling slightly nauseous and I don't know why. I had to force the cereal in this morning this afternoon because I didn't really feel like eating it. I'm thinking a trip to whole foods around the corner for Reed's Extra Ginger Brew might be indicated. and then maybe I'll just skip dinner. of course I have no idea what time dinner should be. breakfast is still in the gut.

must work now. shut up. I've only been awake for four hours. I haven't even finished my second cup of coffee yet.

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