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insomnia lag

I managed to fall asleep by 12:30 last night which would have been fine had my alarm not started going off at 7:15 this morning. in between snooze hits I kept dreaming I was getting dressed and then I would hear my alarm and think to myself what. I'm not up yet? dammit.

Santiago has no idea what is about to befall him. all the cats can tell is that for some reason I'm not providing them with breakfast. I keep telling Jackson to hold on. Santiago I just look at with pity while he obliviously dismantles my room, which he does so well.

off to the vet. poor little guy. I hate carrying them down mission street but at least my friend B gave me her old hardshell cat carrier so I don't have to use those cardboard ones from the spca. I'm always afraid they're going to come undone and deposit the cat on the sidewalk suddenly.

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