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oh and in my morning getting-dressed dreams I always have a bunch of pretty shirts, many of which I have not yet worn, and I get all excited about picking one out to go with a particular pair of jeans and shoes. this morning I was choosing between florals and stripes only to wake up and realize I had the same old shirts as when I fell asleep.

::eyes macy's card::

I shouldn't complain. I have some nice shirts, some of which I don't wear very often because most of the time I'm lounging about in jeans and tshirt.

maybe I should dress up a little for today's meeting. it would be an excuse.

Santiago has been duly dropped off. he sang "99 bottles of beer on the wall" all the way to the vet. I hope he's ok. I mean I know he will be but putting them under is always worrisome. I've seen nasty surprise reactions to anesthesia but fortunately they are rare.

::pounds madly upon wooden head::

work. no wait. cereal then work.

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