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thanks for all your comments on the logo/banner thing. now the question is whether I spend today working on the model website or doing laundry or doing some other form of chore or work. before I leave town on monday morning I must:

do laundry
clean kitchen
go to school and troll for jobs
create lists of what to take so I don't forget anything

I guess this isn't such a long list. the thing is that laundry and school are not really do-able on the weekends or that is I hate doing laundry on the weekend when everyone else and his mother are also at the laundromat. I think I have to go to school tomorrow because one particular person I keep emailing about a job but who never emails me back even though I know he harbors goodwill is only there Tu We Th and never Fr. that leaves today or fri for laundry.

never do today what you can put off till tomorrow.


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