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entertainment tonight

patti smith this evening.


she's playing the Fillmore because I haven't written to her yet and asked her if she really wants to be funnelling money to Clear Channel. surely she knows who owns Bill Graham Presents now. but surely she would play somewhere else if she knew.

it's vexing. but if she plays "ghost dance" all will be forgiven. this time.

last night on impulse I went to see Outfoxed, speaking of right wing media despots. I'm not sure why I went as it was not good for the blood pressure and the risk I always take with these things is that my voices will start sounding like Bill O'Reilly but it turned out ok. they looked like the asses they are.

it was slightly depressing actually. that part of america is all too real to me. what I'd give for some of your liberal upbringings.

the question now is whether to get burrito before or after show. the taqueria is open late.

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