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setting a course

between now and sunday I have to take a bunch of library books back over to berkeley as I discovered yesterday my borrowing privileges have been blocked because I haven't been paying attention and now have some very overdue items and of course I discovered this while I was at school but all the items were over here because I didn't know to take them.

I also have to do laundry and clean the kitchen.

today I have to shower.

so the question is whether I do laundry today and take the books back over the weekend when the library is closed and put them in the after-hours depository or take them back today when real people will check them back in almost immediately. I'm thinking today might be better which would leave me doing laundry on the weekend which I abhore but which if I were either to stay up late or get up early and do it might not be so awful. the laundromat is open 24 hours.

I guess the thing to do is shower and consider. I should also check the library's hours today as summer semester has ended and they might be closing early in which case I'd want to hurry.

but first of course I had to sit down and write all this out. how did I (not) get anything done in the days before livejournal?

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