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so yesterday I figured that surely no one in a working-class neighborhood would be doing laundry at 7pm on a friday night. I mean if you are going to do your laundry after work surely you would pick a different day because friday night is for goofing off in anticipation of the weekend, right?

wrong, apparently. the whole world was there. but I found two empty washers and then two empty dryers which were all I needed and I kept my earphones on and drank a coke from the vending machine and chilled out leaning against the formica tables slick with incremental soap buildup from clothes that don't rinse completely because these are the front loading washers and no one has yet learned how much soap is enough. I include myself in this group. my underwear load always exhibits appreciable suds even during the final rinse cycle but they are not thick enough to warrant a soapless repeat wash so my socks smell extra perfumey when it's all over but I'm not sure that's a bad thing.

next assignment then is the kitchen.

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