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separation anxiety

trying to decide if I should bring a guitar. ok not "a" guitar but a particular one. for even though I don't play it every single day I do look upon it lovingly several times a day and would suffer being unable to do that.

garageband includes amp-modeling software so all I'd have to do is plug it into the laptop and plug in my earphones. this could provide hours of hotel room amusement and as some of you may know my favorite thing about going somewhere and staying in hotel room is actually staying in the room. yeah I know I'm supposed to get out and see the sights but there has to be a quotient of sitting watching cable tv (still a novelty!) and perusing the yellow pages and ordering pizza. in fact if I can locate pizza, the package store, and animal planet I'm pretty happy for an entire evening.

of course the more gadgets I bring the more I have to be paranoid about getting stolen. if I insist on carrying my whole life up there with me in the car that just increases the chances that someone takes my whole life incidentally upon hot-wiring the car.

can you still hot-wire cars? or do they have sophisticated antitheft systems that prevent that.

::looks upon guitar lovingly::

I'd play you right now but my fingers are soft from scouring the sink. give me an hour.

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