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smokey. the whole world is smokey.

well the world along the I-5 corridor in Northern CA and in the Willamette Valley is smokey.

I am in Clackamas. I don't know how to say it and I haven't seen much of it since I ate dinner at a taco bell in some place I can't recall between Eugene and Salem and thus had no reason to leave my room after checking in. which would be fine except there is no animal planet. remember the days when hotels offered every cable channel there was? now you get fox news and cnn and the networks and five sports channels.

the hardest part about driving all day is staying awake between 10am and noon. why it has taken this long to figure out I don't know but this morning it occurred to me that I must produce buckets of sleepy neurotransmitters during that time every day. it would explain so much. including why without doing anything like adding caffeine or food or stopping for a nap I snapped out of my stupor after about an hour and a half of daring not even to blink and drove alertly the rest of the way.

on npr I heard that Manuel Maloof died. they did a spot on Manuel's Tavern. if I try hard I can remember the big wooden tables and the pitcher of beer it took to get through the wash cycle. lisagail won't see this because she's hardly online anymore and she's the only one who knows what I'm talking about.

I was listening to npr because my ipod battery only held out for five hours. should have picked up that car lighter recharger. still could.

while driving past mt shasta and that big chunk of it that landed so conveniently by the place where the freeway was going to go I thought how it would feel if the land erupted underneath the car and flung me into the air. this is the sort of thing I think about since moving west. I made it through the southern cascades without anything exploding. hopefully this bodes well for the rest of the journey.

I hope the cats are ok. S will do a fine job of looking after them and Santiago will be fine since he's not the paranoid little freak that Jackson is and will actually let S pay attention to him. Jackson on the other hand will spend the next 12 days running from her. I hate leaving them even in capable hands. sometimes I feel guilty just for going to berkeley for the day. I might need to get a life.

hello everyone. 600 miles today. 200 tomorrow. I'm not sure why I always insist on making it all the way to Portland before spending the night but I do.

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