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the show mustn't go on

well fart. the curiosa festival at the gorge has been cancelled or rather postponed but unless they reschedule it for before next wednesday it is cancelled in my universe.

I should be somewhat relieved not to have to pay for the hotel and I should be relieved to get my money back but I wanted to go!

well. you all have me all to yourselves this weekend. lucky you.

in other news, I am in a cafe again and feeling particularly uninspired by the surroundings. I think it might be time to call some people. this is the problem for me once I get here is that I must call people and it is not that I don't want to speak to them I just am not friends with the phone. so it usually takes me a day or two to put together my phoning strategy and I can't really explain why. I've been phone-phobic since I was however old I was when I started to realize that language could come out of that oddly shaped plastic thing. three, maybe.

so if you are wondering when I'm going to call, the answer is "soon" but first I have to work up the nerve.

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