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I've switched to ginger ale because I cannot go from cafe to cafe drinking coffee after coffee all day but of course I must be on the internet at the bare minimum of once every 24 hours if not twice. I'm at Bauhaus where the internet is free for my afternoon shift. there are no free internets in ballard. I have to move the car by 6 but I don't think I want to drive back to ballard at 6 unless traffic is extraordinarily prompt in dissipating.

still have not recovered from the shock of not having plans for the weekend. I'm here semi-stealth in that instead of telling my dad's side of the family I'm here I've told only my uncle on my mom's side. we will be having lunch in lynnwood tomorrow. I can only take so much family which I suppose is no different from anyone else.

it is ridiculously warm here although no one east of, say, Berkeley CA will pity me as ridiculously warm here means 80F or so. and fairly low humidity. I'm on the second floor of an unairconditioned cafe and although I am toasty I am not even sweating which is unusual for me. if I were to move more than just my fingers I'm sure that would change.

I feel like I should be doing more. I mean here I am! let's go! this is a very urbanite way of approaching vacation. but so far K for instance has an exam tomorrow and other K did not answer her phone this afternoon and S says he'll call me back but hasn't yet so here I am. I keep thinking I should write my dissertation while I wait around. why not. it's not like I work on it when I'm supposed to. the last time I was at Bauhaus it was to meet T who was working on his Levinas/Blanchot/Agamben manuscript so being here makes me feel like I should be doing something.

perhaps I should move back up here to write. perhaps it would help. I'd have to find an ultra-cheap apartment though. and a job.


did I mention the rental car has air conditioning? you laugh that I use it in 80F heat. but I do. it feels nice.

the varnish on the back of this chair is sticky from the heat. I'm wondering if I will get a line of varnish residue on my shirt if I lean back so I'm not leaning back just in case.

ok soon I must decide what to do next. what should I do next? I'm thinking of going to the apple store but it's on the other end of town but then I'm not sure there is anything in particular to stay on capitol hill for as I just bet jetgirl23 and mrrant will be busy when I call them here in a bit because they are always on the go these days. crazy kids.

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