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holy %$@X$! I haven't been online for almost two days! yesterday a nice lunch with witchewoman, another K and an E and lisagail took up the afternoon and then lisagail and I found ourselves somewhat worn out from our 4am revelry the night before so we decided an early night with a rental movie was what we needed so picked up Jim Jarmusch's Dead Man which I didn't realize was a western and which I enjoyed quite a bit and might have to see again since westerns are my thing and although the Native American representations were, as always, problematic, they were reasonably tacit as to whether William Blake's journey was another Heart of Darkness or the idealized reverse or simply a journey from one place to another sustained with a certain amount of trauma.

I kind of lean towards the last but it seems almost impossible to make a narrative like this from an Anglo point of view without Exoticizing the Natives or at least no one has managed this that I've yet seen or read except perhaps Blood Meridian but of course there no one is exoticized at all but simply snuffed out. to simplify overly much.

lunch was very enjoyable and we were on Lake Union with a view of the Space Needle and our guests were excited about being in Seattle and I hope they enjoyed the Pike Place Market and the needle which was where they were bound when we parted. the weather wasn't particularly one way or the other in that the mountains weren't out but the space needle was not shrouded in mist so I imagine they got at least a limited view from up there.

I just finished having a very inspiring conversation with yet another K which made me want to go home and read my books and write my chapter and it seems more and more that I'd have a better, um, support network up here for writing were I to move. I asked her if CHID needed any more TAs and she said she'd ask John and now I think I should ask John myself as well. just to see. I don't know if I could afford it and I don't know if I want to leave my budding place in the queer literary scene in SF and I'm not sure I want not to be able to see my committee members in person but if I wanted a job up here it might not be a bad idea to insinuate myself were the chance to arise. hm.

I have no plans for my remaining time here. am wondering if I want to keep it that way or if I want to go back to tracking people down. it was swell hanging out with auditorium, jetgirl23, jomarch, einfall, johnnydarco and lisagail on saturday night but we missed mrrant and besides I'd love to do it all over again but time is running out. lisagail says tomorrow night is no good for her and wednesday night isn't good for me unless it were really early. I have to get up and get a move on to make it to Reedsport OR thursday night in time to enjoy the free high-speed internet access that comes with the room. well that and I want to have enough time to enjoy my ride down the coast. it's not all about the internet for me although it is a lot about the internet.

einfall's cat looks so much like Santiago that I have to get a recent photo and email it to her. I should probably post some here too since I haven't since he was very small. he's not so small anymore and I suspect he will be bigger when I get back than he was when I left.

I miss my cats. I kept looking at Rosie and thinking aw! Santiago! I hope Jackson lets him keep him company.

ok. that is all I can think of. am over-caffeinated because the cafe here didn't have anything else I wanted and for some reason I think it is so embarrassing to order decaf espresso drinks I refuse to do so in public. I was already at a cafe in the U-District but they didn't have any working outlets so I had to come to Capitol Hill and plug in as I was running low on battery power. the tribulations of mobile computing.

bzzzzzz bzzzz

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