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I was thinking I must have hit some sort of caffeine saturation where no matter how much more I drank my caffeine receptors were full and not only full but worn out so that they weren't registering that increase in sparkling wit that caffeine normally does and then I remembered that I keep forgetting to take my shot. I should perhaps drive to ballard in a minute and poke myself. I'm on capitol hill of course because the car keeps pointing itself here.

the good news items of the day are that I seem, unless upon meeting her I can't stand the person I'm working with, to have landed the gsr position which nominally stands for graduate student researcher but in many cases really means graduate student gopher. which is fine with me as long as I get a fee remission and the berkeley website seems to indicate that I will even working only 25% time. this job will last all year, too.

further financial relief arrived today in my bank account as this year's loans were finally credited to me. they never did change the amount but they sure made me nervous for the past couple of weeks. if I get the fee remission then an additional influx of cash should be in the offing sometime next month probably.

phew. I mean I have this odd naive faith that money will always work out and so far it has ::pounds madly upon wooden head:: but things were getting close to the wire there with my account balance dwindling to less than needed to pay the rent in a week.

I guess now I should put the credit cards away and start paying cash for things. that is so hard to do though once you get on a good jag.


there. as my inaugural purchase I have procured a ticket to the seattle art museum's van gogh to mondrian exhibit tomorrow. will also go to the library to test their wireless network and of course to ogle the new building. so cultured will I be. this will make up somewhat for my never getting to los angeles to see the huge van gogh exhibition a couple of years ago.

I guess I'd better go take my shot so that I don't fall down in the galleries or stacks. see you in the library.

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