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I didn't make it to the library. I'm back in my favorite capitol hill cafe. after three hours of standing and looking and saying mmmhm I did not have remaining powers of attention to lavish on the new library building so rather than pay another four dollars to the parking garage while I checked out the library's wireless internet I got in the car and came here and bought a mocha for that four dollars knowing ahead of time that wireless here works very well and there are even power receptacles to plug into should the battery run down.

tomorrow morning I leave here and drive to Reedsport OR where the best western has free broadband plus possibly a view of a river or bay or delta or something similar and then friday I go as far as Arcata CA where there is no broadband that I know of in the holiday inn but it is right on the coast where I am told the fog is going to relent so that it will actually be warm which was of course not my fondest wish. then a liesurely hop down to SF and possibly stopping at Pt Reyes and the vacation will be over. should I even mention how time flies.

the Van Gogh's were breathtaking as one might expect although my favorite ones were not in this exhibition. there was one nice one of pine trees against a brilliant setting sun which is the sort of thing I go for besides Wheatfield with Crows which I would give my right arm to see in person but at least in the gift shop there was a coffee cup printed with it so I bought that. like all violently depressed Van Gogh fans I like Wheatfield with Crows the best of all his paintings. the twin pale green yellow orbs in the sky fascinate me even more than do his normally radiant suns.

as usual I found Mondrian to be quasi-fascist but perhaps that is too strong a word for rabid metaphysicians. he certainly wasn't the only modernist to think he had a monopoly on the Absolute.

it is time to go out into the rain. I would apologize for the weather but I really did not order it this time. glad as I was to come to Seattle I was somewhat saddened to leave the fog behind but I wasn't pining for rain.

apparently I'll be back around thanksgiving. I might arrive a few days ahead of time to give another My Queer Life guest lecture for K's class. although this gives me more than enough time to plan for it I found that not preparing at all made the whole ordeal quite pleasant. perhaps this time I will just note down the topics I want to cover and put them in an order that mimics linearity.

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