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here I am in my high-speed internet-equipped hotel room in oregon. it is not quite as exciting as I thought it would be but they do have all the cable channels for free. I haven't made it to animal planet yet because I've gotten stuck on the history channel. right now they are chronicling the vikings' invasion of england.

the burrito I had for dinner was fairly awful but it was either the local mexican restaurant or mcdonald's.

I have less than half a tank of gas left for my run for the border tomorrow. I hate buying gas in oregon mainly because it forces me to interact with someone and because I haven't figured out if I'm supposed to tip them or not. my parents never did back in the dark ages before self-serve but that doesn't mean one isn't supposed to.

too tired to come up with anything interesting. guess I'll wander the internet in search of entertainment. because tv just isn't enough anymore.

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