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well doesn't this just beat all. the holiday inn express has free wireless. I think I'm only able to get the signal because I am right next to the lobby. there are ethernet ports in the rooms too. I did not remember that this would be the case but it is printed out right there on my reservation confirmation email.

the drive down 101 was beautiful and fun and kind of slow but that's alright. I would have stopped in the redwood forest somewhere and did at a picnic area for the bathroom but that was it because as some of you know getting me to stop driving is a trick that even I can't always manage.

also I didn't realize Humboldt State University was right down the street in Arcata. that might explain the young enthusiastic desk clerk who looked at my tshirt and said ah! interpol!

as soon as my socks are done in the dryer I am going to drive down to a taqueria that is supposedly the best place for cheap eats in Arcata and then I will drive around the town a little and see if it is the lefty oasis the HSU website suggests. am washing my socks now because I kept forgetting to ask lisagail where the laundry room was and whether I needed a key. that and I was spending all my time at internet cafes.

will see Jackson and Santiago tomorrow. yay! S will be off to protest at the Republican Convention. I don't know how long she is going to be gone. I guess I will be counting rats again. there is a new one so that makes two and five and one. we may be nuts. and interestingly the smell does not bother me particularly.

must go check socks.

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