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sometimes they leave us

traffic on 101 was strangely light for a saturday. so here I am. the fantasy did not come true: Santiago has not appeared from any hiding places. I am not sure what to do. S has been looking for him for four days. I'm pretty sure he'd be out to see me by now if he had been hidden in the house somewhere. Jackson's out and nobody hides like Jackson hides.

will make flyers with picture and put them out this evening and poke around the courtyard after the restaurant closes and it is quieter. I looked in a couple of places and did not see him but that did not exhaust all the possibilities. tomorrow I will go to animal control and see if S filed a report. she had been going there every day so I imagine she did but am not certain.

I don't know what else to do other than wander the streets looking for him and stay up all night listening for him. S already informed the neighbors but I'm going to put up a sign inside our gate so everyone is reminded.

dammit. I had gotten rather attached to the little guy.

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