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the search goes on

the signs are up around the block or two immediately surrounding. I did one smart thing in calling C on her cell when she didn't answer her home phone and she happened to be in the city and came over with moral support and a ride to kinko's. I mean I could have driven to kinko's by myself but I was beginning to sink into a resigned inaction until tomorrow when she said well let's go put up signs.

tomorrow I will visit animal control and try to remember to return the car by 5.

when I got back I grabbed my flashlight and looked into all the hiding places in the courtyard except for the little area behind the restaurant which is gated. I might poke around in there later tonight. while I was looking around I kept hearing a forlorn meow and was turning my head to try to place it when I spied Jackson peering out through the mail slot crying. so I think I might have to wait till he is asleep before I do any productive searching. that and I need to sit with him for awhile because he's all upset too although I suspect that he's not so worried about Santiago but rather that I might go away again. he's a bit hoarse as though he's been talking a lot the past couple of days.


as C points out the two most probable outcomes are that he is nearby and will eventually turn up or someone will find him and succumb to his charms and keep him. either way would be fine with me but the problem with the last would be that I'd never know that he was ok.

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