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on the way home from school it occured to me to put on Gorecki's Miserere in case by it the gods could be persuaded to keep Santiago out of harm's way and then I thought I don't quite believe in the necessary cosmology for that mechanism to work but rather it seemed the only thing to do was to hope that the world would have mercy on the divine vulnerability that is, in this case, a young cat in the city.

because I really don't think it is divinity's place to have mercy on us but I think we may be in a position to have mercy on the gods. there is no one to send us to hell if we do not, and any demand to have mercy can't even be a demand but an appeal prior to demand, a relation in excess of morality and ethical codes.

the hard part is setting that appeal in front of blind chance. the hopeless part where the only hope for hope lies.

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