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summer is over. let summer begin.

like clockwork we flip over into September and the 90F weather arrives in San Francisco. summer doesn't really begin in earnest until October but I guess this year we get a little foretaste.

the good news is that the heat waves are almost always punctuated by fog even in the fall when the offshore winds pick up so two or three days of this at a time are about all one has to put up with before a moment of relief. and then on November first the temperature promptly drops to 50F and stays there for six months.

it could be so much worse.

I've been hanging out in bed for 14 hours at a stretch since Santiago came home. partially because it's just very nice to have both cats there with me and partly because I seem to have emerged from cat guardian trauma somewhat drained. it doesn't help that I was two days late on my shot yesterday. I had other things to think about. I hadn't showered for five days either.

yeah he's just a cat but he's the cat who lives with me.

now that I'm clean I have to clean up the mess I allowed to accumulate. I haven't unpacked yet; my backpack is lying on the floor where I dropped it a week ago. there are dishes in the sink that will take about five minutes to do but it's hot and who wants to put their hands in hot water when it's hot.

I have work to do. in between stressing about the cat and looking for the cat and searching for the cat I had a number of things to do at school and I did them all in a kind of stupor but the upshot is that I am now in charge of updating two websites and building another from the ground up and I'm being paid more to update than to build which is ass backwards but we didn't plan ahead and apply for a grant for just the website that we are building. probably we will look for more money but these things take time which is unfortunate as I am poor right now.

am also scrounging for readership positions for which I have slim leads on two which might fall through due to insufficient enrollment. if one of them doesn't pan out I'm not sure what I'm going to do to pay my bills through December. will think of something. always do.

the question is whether to take one more day off today to give the testosterone time to catch up with me and besides that once I'm unpacked and the dishes are done it will probably be too hot to do anything else. there is no such thing as air conditioning in San Francisco.

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