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it occurs to me that I could call someone up and suggest a trip to an air-conditioned bar.

I'm not sure that there are any though. or any I'd want to go to.

I'm too hot and tired and stupid to do anything else today. even baseball was boring but that's because the giants suck this year but that's probably my fault since I stopped watching them after they let Santiago go (yes. the namesake.) which I shouldn't have let bother me since Barry is still playing and I am one of four baseball fans in the country who actually like him rather than just put up with him because he's a phenomenal hitter.

I thought about reading up on .php and continuing to learn dreamweaver but like I said hot stupid tired etc. it is a wonder I got out of bed at all but that might have had something to do with the mounting heat up there on the loft, inches from the ceiling of our top-floor apartment.

the four-legged Santiago is methodically killing flies of which there seem to be an inordinate number in here today. probably trying to get in out of the sun. he's mostly over his adventure except that he still follows me from room to room although he did that before but he's crying more now.

so I google "bar air conditioned san francisco" and I get a bunch of hotel sites advertising air conditioned rooms with stocked fridges and cable tv. this is very tempting. I wonder if any have complimentary wireless.

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