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other stupid things

my desk chair is stuck in "recline." it was cheap and from china and I got it on ebay but it was the only leather-and-steel office chair I could find that looked sleek instead of overstuffed and it has gotten stuck before but pounding various points with a hammer has always gotten it unstuck whereas this time around no matter what I hit and how hard it stays rocked back. this was making me extremely aggravated last night so I went online and ordered a replacement chair made by Sealy so hopefully it will be constructed so as not to get stuck and maybe it will have a warranty as well.

the new chair looks overstuffed and is not leather:


but at least it is gray and not that odd nubbly fabric most office chairs come in and doesn't look like I should sit perched on a tiny round seat while I type memos for the boss, as in:


I hate office chairs. but apparently they keep you from sitting all funny and ruining your back.

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