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managed to get up after only 11 hours of sleep. I guess the T is kicking in.

this is a note to write down everything I do from the moment of waking to see if it can be made interesting or amusing. this inspiration struck as I was falling asleep but I don't have time to fiddle with it now. today I must figure out all there is to know about the Apache server software that comes with OS X, whether PHP is already installed and if not how to install it, and everything there is to know about generating HTML with PHP.

that should keep me busy.

oh and if I finish all that I need to move on to Movable Type and see if it is difficult or easy to install, configure and maintain. and then I'll take a look at Mambo and MySQL.

fortunately it is not as hot today as it was yesterday and I'm only about half as stupid. hormones are wonderful things.

Santiago sleeps. I suspect he did not sleep much the ten days he was gone.

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