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I knew this would happen. the apache docs on suggest working through a terminal tutorial first and although I'm not afraid of the terminal I thought I might pick up some useful info there so I'm going through it and at some point it has you mucking around with sendmail which came with OS X 10.2 but was replaced by postfix in 10.3 but the tutorial has not been updated but the feedback at the bottom of the page mentions which has its own tutorial and manual and since I keep getting an error when I try to send myself mail from the command line I want to know what to do to continue on in the original terminal tutorial and and and and and and

thus I could spend the day learning postfix instead of apache and by sundown be able to send myself mail but know nothing about how to install and use either php and/or movable type on my machine.

you know that scene, repeated, in buffy, where willow places her hands in a book and all the words fly up her arms and into her head so that she instantly knows everything that was in the book? I think I've mentioned this before but I need that!

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