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well isn't this handy:

With the basics of CGI out of the way, you can now install CGI-based applications to complement your intranet. Need a content management system for the GatesMcFarlaneCo developers to keep everyone up to date on their coding progress? Try the ever popular Movable Type.

time for a break. mainly though this seems to mean that I can download the personal trial version of Movable Type and install it in my cgi-bin directory and it should work from this machine. if I don't fuck up the firewall in my router I might even be able to make it available to all you people out there. or at least during those hours when my laptop is running. but do I want to? do I want to open a port to the outside? if, say, requests on port XX are passed on through the router firewall to my laptop and through the laptop firewall to my webserver directory, what is to keep nasty things from flowing through port XX onto my laptop?

the good news is it's not a windoze machine but still. worry?

time for a break.

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