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ah now if I install Apple Developer Tools will Perl shape up enough to install the modules I downloaded yesterday?


ok let's go to that cpan place and try installing what I have and downloading what I don't have.

::wait wait wait::

wow that's a lot of error messages. I wonder what they mean. at least I got further than I did yesterday.

::read figure think google read figure think::

alright so this module requires that module to be in place first which requires this other module and cpan seems unable to perform a satisfactory "make" on (of? at? with? to?) any of them. what if I do it by hand.

::hope hope hope::

fuck. I'm going to have to do them in the order they are needed and in order to figure out that order I have to decipher what order cpan downloaded things, found out they needed something to be already there, waited till the end of the process, downloaded the needed things, then tried again to build everything that needed those things.

::copy paste copy paste reminisce over GRE analytical section thinking with copy/paste I could have aced it::

::review instructions::



I wonder if it would be easier if I logged in as root.

::logout login fear fear fear::

::do a bunch of things I don't even remember what but they didn't work::

now this guy over here does "Makefile.PL" first before "make." I wonder if that would help.


look at the pretty scroll! hope this really works!


look at the pretty scroll! hope this really works!

"make test"

look at the pretty scroll! hope this really works!

"make install"

look at the pretty scroll! hope this really works!

::repeat last four actions six times apiece for each module::

hope this really works! I wonder if it matters if that last module only tests 95% on make test. who knows. who cares! make install!

I should log out of root now before I do any damage.

::logout login relax::

now to fire up Movable Type and see what happens.

::suffer amnesia of remaining tortuous typing and deleting and reading and wondering but remember the rush when everything worked::

::bill department for five hours of work. yeah I wish::

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