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forced rest

day off. I have suddenly acquired a million things to do that don't include writing a dissertation and must come up with scheme not to allow them to take over my life. of course I would rather learn Apache than write so it's hard but must try.

anyway I've been busy and have not had anything to say once the activity ceases and I am face to face with my monitor which in and of itself is an interesting thing to say given a monitor has no face in the anthropomorphic sense of the term.

I'm not sure how to conduct myself without working which is funny given that I hardly did any work over the summer. I get all involved in whatever I'm doing in a particular stretch of time and find it difficult to switch gears. I could play guitar for instance but since I didn't play yesterday or the day before it seems pointless to play for one day and put it down. I am told that I need to stop viewing recreational activities as though they were long-term, goal-oriented projects and just try to enjoy them in the moment. it is sometimes hard to control my hardcore capricorn tendencies.

I think though that the first order of the day is to go get cat litter and change the boxes. before I leave the house though I should shower but showering before changing the litter boxes seems counterproductive.

take pills
take shower
take shot
get food
get litter
change litter
wash hands
do dishes
see what time it is and maybe go out with camera if sun is lowering in sky
resist urge to sit here and read manuals

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