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today is a free day so i could spend all my time here if i wanted. nothing to do and no one to see until later this evening when auditorium and i are slated to go out on the town.

so far the schedule has been go see film then go see another film and hang out in between films and then after second film with same people then go have coffee with steve while leaving a message with another steve that you would like to see him then afterwards driving lisa here and there because she is too tired to drive then go to bed at a decent hour last night and actually wake up before noon today. then tomorrow night you get to go see the mariners play and after that leave friday morning for the ocean to visit with non-immediate family returning saturday night and after that nothing inked in until wednesday morning when your train leaves to take you back to san francisco.

busy busy busy. sort of. except for right now when you are waiting for s and k to call you back. and you are borrowing computer time and thus you feel you shouldn't get too heavily into anything here because really at any moment you might have to relinquish the computer to its rightful owner. so you decide to spit out short multiple entries and see how that works.

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