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hard day's shopping

sometimes you go to Macy's and there is hundreds of dollars' worth of merchandise you want.

other times you go and can only get behind two shirts. today was a two shirts day but I'm happy. the one is reddish brown with red embroidery (hi. I'm a big fag.) and the other is white with strips of fabric sewn down the yoke and slightly ridiculous grommets set into the collar. I'm not sure what I think of the grommets but the rest of it looks great so I think I will just give in to being slightly ridiculous when I wear it. I think it is supposed to be a Castro twentysomething bimbo shirt and I will either look slightly ridiculous because I am old and wearing it or I will look slightly ridiculous simply because I appear young and, well, ridiculous.

but, and I forget this about white, it makes me look like I actually have color of which in real life I have very little.

then I went across the street and bought a fossil watch with two emo leather watchbands and I told the salesperson these watchbands were popular when I was ten and she registered absolutely no recognition. but she looked about ten.

there were no pants I needed. so much is being done with blue jeans these days and so little with black. I've caved and bought a few pair of blue, but my first love is still black but the only black black jeans you can get are either straight-legged ordinary 501s or the balloony silvertabs which are really no longer in style. 501s are fine but I want some style in my black jeans. I guess one problem is that if you screw around with black denim it pretty much becomes gray denim whereas blue denim can be blue in a variety of ways. but they could at least come out with a different cut and different weights of denim.

maybe I should try to sell the idea to kenneth cole. I wonder if they'd pay me. hell, I'd be happy with a couple pair of free pants.

I wonder how long it takes for the novelty of fitting into men's clothing to wear off. it's been some time and macy's mens is still candyland to me.

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