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dressing the part

it is time to put on pants.

when I've finished my morning internet and have poured the third cup of coffee I know it is time to put on pants and start working.

I am not sure why I cannot work without pants.

don't fantasize about me without pants. I wear sweats to bed which I know are a kind of pants but they aren't pants pants in that you can't--or I won't--wear them outside to be seen by the world so if I do not have on my public pants I feel I cannot start the productive portion of my day.

this vaguely recalls sitting in front of the tv on saturday morning until the pressure to clean my room became too great and I couldn't sit there any longer in my pajamas.

yeah it's a little late to just now be putting on pants. such is life for the grad student. if it helps, I feel terribly guilty all the time. I suspect this has more than a little to do with the uncanny feeling that I should be cleaning my room.

oddly I did not notice the Tuesday noon siren today. usually it makes me feel even more guilty in that "you should be alarmed that it is noon and you are still sitting there in your sweats" kind of way.

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