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Santiago is obsessed with the guitar gear shelf today which means he is wandering around over the pod and the v-amp and rifling through cords and strings and assorted gadgets as though his life depended upon getting to the bottom of them all.

it's very annoying as I keep having to pull him off the shelf which he thinks is a really fun game so he runs right back to it so I pull him off and he runs right back to it. quite the negative-attention junky.

am trying to wear him out with various cat toys proper but he has yet to decide it is time for his afternoon nap. I think he must have slept with me the entire 13 hours I was in bed last night.

me I'm very tired for reasons I might explain elsewhere but I have too much to do to take the whole day off. I keep telling myself that today I must install Mambo on my machine and/or the test account I got from school and figure out if it is easy or hard and if it is organizable in ways that we want it to be but all I seem to want to do is online shoe-shop and then nap. I have done none of the above so far and this could go on all day until it is too late to do any of them.

well. it is never too late to go online shoe shopping but there is a point of fatigue which makes it less inviting.

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