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I'm not sure why I am still awake. I've popped a trazadone and am waiting for the irresistable urge to snooze. I would take another but I have to be alert tomorrow.

today I geeked out in order to avoid grading papers which is one reason I have to be alert tomorrow. I mean I also had to geek out at some point but the plan was to grade a few papers and then allow myself to geek as a reward but I couldn't do it I had to eat my dessert first.

the test Movable Type blog is up and running. I don't know why you would, but if you want to look at it try this blog link and hope my laptop is home and awake for otherwise that link will get you nowhere.

if anyone out there has used Movable Type with TypeKey successfully please comment and say "yes I would love to tell you why you can't get it to work." the "support" staff at TypeKey have bluntly told me it is a Movable Type problem and not a TypeKey problem and therefore they will not help me. of course the promised detailed user's manual is nowhere to be found on the TypeKey site so there is no way for me to determine whether they are blowing me off because there is nowhere I can go to look up what is happening.

and I can't get the support I need from Movable Type because an individual license costs $70 and the educational license we would need costs $200 and we aren't in a position to pay either until I know the thing is going to work. without licenses no personalized support. just a bunch of forums which contain a mass of users wandering about looking for answers and not getting them. and a manual that barely covers TypeKey at all.

other than that it looks promising. the main thing we are going to use it for is to upload documents and allow users to download them and comment on them and the organizational features are precisely perfect. TypeKey authentication would also be nearly perfect but if it is unworkable we'll just put the whole thing behind a Cal-only authentication barrier but I'm one for making our pedagogy public. be part of the conversation you see. it might force us actually to come up with a pedagogy.

feeling slightly drowsy. will perhaps try closing my eyes soon.

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