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early bed. early rise. where's the wealth.

the morning is still in the 7s and I am up. a million papers to grade before noon. I have to step up the pace but I get so involved with their arguments that I comment on every little thing and then write them tomes at the end pointing out what I think they might be able to fix next time. I have no idea if anyone actually reads what I say or cares about anything other than the grade itself.

I have a mosquito bite on my hand. I slept so soundly no mosquito woke me up. it's a wonder I don't have west nile virus yet. or maybe it's not. maybe, just maybe, the threat is overhyped? I mean surely more people die of bagel-slicing accidents than of west nile every year.

Santiago wants me to chase him. unfortunately there are other things I must do.

into the void!

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