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the past several months have begun a new phenomenon where I wake up to a reverse peristaltic wave on its way up from my stomach and past my throat and I sit up suddenly and it stops and I swallow back down whatever it was that was headed out. then I feel fine except for that acidy taste in the back of my mouth. this has happened four or five times. I don't know what it's about.

this evening I went to read and almost fell asleep in my chair so I took off my shoes and crawled up to bed for a nap which after about and hour and a half was interrupted by my body trying to vomit as above. so I climbed back down and opened a ginger ale and woke up the computer.

now I feel physically fine but strangely depressed.

there is no reason for this. but who needs a reason.

I think I could use one more day off.

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