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this was going to be a comment. instead I thought I'd say it out loud to everyone:

well I think the simplified buddhist line is that desire leads to suffering but I am not clear if your desire makes you suffer or if it leads you to make others suffer. I suspect they mean the first whereas ethically I'm more concerned with the second.

the question, though, of what happens to desire and suffering and thought and feeling when the self itself is effaced, is what interests me the most. on the one hand I want to say that animal being in the world necessitates the suffering of the being itself, but if the self is imagined as illusory, then the question of who is suffering becomes complicated, and the question arises as to whether trauma--which in human terms obliterates the self--is the same thing as suffering, which seems to happen to someone.

it may seem all semantic but trauma I suspect is the point at which we are most animal and most unconscious and perhaps undergoing something "worse," or more calamitous, than suffering but also the single point which makes joy possible. my hunch/hope is that buddhist meditation seeks this point even as it tries to ameliorate pain.


anyway so that's a nutshell of what I'm doing going to zen centers and stuff.

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