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downstairs the funny old lady who always engaged you in conversation whether you wanted to be so engaged or not took a fall and has had to move in to an extended care facility so the workmen are down there fixing up the place which apparently has seen no appreciable upkeep since 1962. I'm not sure what they are doing now but it sounds as though they are sandblasting the walls. I doubt that is what they are actually doing but that's what it sounds like.

the question now is whether work is doable in this environment. on the one hand the decibel level is unreasonable but the sound itself is relatively constant and doesn't, of course, consist of words so it might not be as intrusive as one might think.

on the other hand I was at school for ten hours yesterday and my delicate constitution is trying to demand a rest but I'm not certain I can afford to give it one.

hm. yeah I think the noise is too much. I was just imagining reading Peirce and couldn't get a handle on the mere thought. library? earplugs? shopping district?

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