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yeah I couldn't do it. I tried to watch tonight's debate online after the fact and failed and then I tried to watch the first debate and failed. oddly failure was not due to being unable to stifle my rage but to being unable to find anything engaging about the debates at all. I mean what a fucking yawn. even sitting there waiting for W to make another face was not particularly fun.

I really do not do well with day-to-day politics. abstruse ethical theories are great entertainment in my book but a question like "Senator Kerry, do you believe you could do a better job of preventing a terrorist attack on the US" invites very little in the way of a truly interesting answer. I mean what was he going to say? "no"?

I'll wait for the highlight reels of W grimacing and leave the rest for anyone who didn't know ahead of time just exactly what each man was going to say.

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