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while eating indian food and drinking california beer i thought of something. now however i have no idea what it was. similarly i was writing in my sleep this morning and it seemed profound in my dream but now it seems trite and simplistic. something about the proper name being both a gift and a command. something about being given a place in language and also made subject to being called out at will.

i am wary of responsibility in the sense of being obliged to respond and the proper name commands response.

i can think of a dozen reasons why i dreamed about this.

i still don't know what i was thinking about while eating indian food. sometimes i wonder what happens to the self that is not remembered. that moment thinking whatever it was i was thinking is now consigned to oblivion so in some way some momentary way i have died. the i that continues is a bare thread remembered haphazardly and fragmentarily while i die a thousand deaths a day.

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