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zen and the art of cat maintenance

and so the morning ritual begins. Santiago wanders around on my shelves trying to find something to do that will get a rise out of me. I swear he does this on purpose. he'll fiddle with something and then look over at me. if I ignore him he fiddles with something else. if he hits on that combination of things I don't want him to be doing to things I don't want him to be doing them to, his glee at being pulled off the shelf and plonked on the floor is almost palpable. even more so when he dashes back to do whatever it was that got my attention.

this game can go on indefinitely and it drives me nuts so bit by bit I have put away all the objects that I don't want him messing with so that all that's left are books and random pieces of metal and large things like printers that he can't knock off. now I just look back at him when he looks at me.

this morning he tried to check several books out of the small library to my left. I just let him. if the books fall on the floor I pick them up but otherwise I'm not going to get in his way.

it seems to be working. he's spending less time on the shelves and more on the floor where things are more or less cat-proof.

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