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today i will get to drive. i don't get to do this much where i live since i have no car although the housemate lends me hers just about whenever i need it but i don't ask her for it very often. today i get to drive. this might not seem so exciting given that i get to drive a 1990 dodge caravan (cargo version. no mommyvan for us!) but i like driving so much that getting to drive just about anything makes a Good Day.

i am not sure where i will go. i pick up the car from lisagail in a little while then drive to meet a friend and then i have nothing to do and nowhere to go for a few hours. when i am here i like to drive up and down the hwy 99 viaduct between downtown and the waterfront as everytime i make it through the double decker part and there's no earthquake and it doesn't collapse i feel like i have cheated death.

anyway i am up early precisely to drive. well really it is because i am meeting my friend at noon which ordinarily is about the time i get up but i am up early in any case and it feels weird.

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