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yeah I'm too tired to go see Interpol tonight. yeah I've got a ticket and everything already so like so many shows of late I will be adding to their pocketbooks without them actually having to perform for me personally. this seems to be a function of age as years ago a show that started at 9 would have been an early show. I mean remember when the opening band wouldn't go on till 11:15 or so? of course we had more speed in those days too.

tomorrow I have to get up early to grade the papers I could not grade this weekend for being sick. am behind in about one hundred million ways but isn't that life. this morning I noticed someone studying for the GMAT while waiting on the BART train and thought to myself I can't do that. I mean unless I am under the gun I won't grade papers on BART and I can't concentrate well enough to read anything. too many distractions and interruptions: is my train coming? when should I stand up? will someone sit beside me? will I remember to get off at my stop? what if I have to transfer?

so all these 15- and 20-minute work opportunities completely escape me. I can't seem to do anything unless I have at least a good uninterrupted hour ahead of me. I'm not sure why this is and I'm not sure it's a bad thing. I see people trying to finish their class reading on BART and think surely they can't get anything out of it grabbing 5 minutes here and there.

anyway. life returns to normal. whatever that is.

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