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Santiago has found that the perfect way to get my attention is to get himself all tangled up in the jungle of cables hanging over the back of my desk so that my laptop and usb hub and ipod all go flying towards the wall when he jumps around down there.

there has to be a solution to the hanging cable problem. it's not like I can put them in a drawer and I think he is figuring out that they will be an endless source of amusement. I mean he purposely runs under there, starts grabbing things, and then looks up at me to see what my reaction will be. I swear I think he was socialized too well when he was a kitten.

I have to grade papers. the one predictable thing about this cat is that when I turn around to put my feet up on the cat tree to read he will actually start playing on the cat tree to try and draw attention to himself. I really thought I adopted a kitten, not a kid.

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