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pant pt 2

hm. pt pt pt pt pt pt.


oh. don't mind me.

I have writer's cramp from commenting on papers yesterday and today. I just took ibuprofen to calm down whatever inflammation it is running from my elbow to my little finger. ow. it's like when you have a back ache and you think if you turn over and stretch a certain way you'll feel better and you try it and it feels just as bad or worse so you try it a different way and it feels just as bad or worse until you finally concede that stretching is not going to do it. I keep holding my hand in different attitudes but each one tells me that some other would feel better but they all lie.

ok this is a ridiculous complaint but I can't think of anything else to say. I think it might be time to climb up into bed with a new Peanuts book.

oh and go sox! I was a fan for a week and it was great fun.

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