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in a minute I must look over the million and one measures, initiatives, and propositions that are on the ballot here one last time so I can remember which to vote for, which to vote against, and which not to vote on at all. I've never seen so many of the damned things before; there are so many I might actually have to write down what to vote on. don't we pay our legislature and supervisors to figure out this stuff for us? the chances of the electorate actually making an informed decision on all these things must be right there around zero.

anyway then it is the decision whether or not to look at the news before 9pm this evening. I don't even know how the reporting will work. exit polls till the polls close on the west coast? or will fox news call the election for bush based on 1% of the vote in florida having been counted by noon? in any case my anxiety levels will probably do best if I just don't turn on the tv.

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