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report from lower cascadia

the ride in on BART was suitably grim. people stared into space, not talking. for all I know they do this everyday and I was projecting but either way the ride was grim.

am dutifully sitting office hours but figuring no one else will be able to talk about school either but who knows. there are protests going on in the city or at least there were. I'm still at a loss but am considering mustering a militia for the west coast in case things get ugly.

yeah we boys always think guns are the best solution don't we. it's that black and white thing: kill it and you won't have to worry about having to compromise with it.

really though there should be some sort of left-coast pact drawn up. no to theocracy and no to war as first resort. I'd write it but I'm really tired and depressed right now. maybe later.

my friend Felipe is going to write an essay on George Bush and the Rise of American Fascism.

I mean what the fuck can we do but keep shouting at them?


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