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the morning post

you should look at today's Too Much Coffee Man.

I slept from 9pm to 9:30am. I tried to get up at 7 but I could tell by the way I was falling back into a deep deep sleep between snoozes that it wasn't going to go. I woke up enough to reset the alarm for 10:30 just in case. this is what happens when you klonopin yourself at 6pm I guess. I wasn't in that much anxiety but I thought the alarmed pit in my stomach might turn into a simple cozy let's go to bed sinking feeling and I was right.

the big question of the day is whether to do laundry after school or put it off till tomorrow. there are a couple of hand wash items I'd better wash tonight and hang up to dry. I probably should get off BART at the civic center and take care of the meds business. I don't know why I hate doing it so much. because it necessitates talking to near-strangers, probably. that and I always expect someone to say no sorry you can't have your medicine this month. I don't know why I expect that. I think I have the reverse of a sense of universal entitlement. one more reason why I don't know what I'm doing trying to be a white man.

Santiago is staring at me meowing with his tail whipping back and forth. every morning I have to come up with some new and exciting game. I keep thinking I should get him a swingset or a bicycle or something.

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