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nerves of butter

it's going to be a long day. not that I have so much to do but fret about leaving but the few things I do have to do will take until 7pm tonight so I won't get home before 8 and unless I go to bed then immediately and get up early tomorrow I should pack tonight.

maybe I'll pack in the morning. today I can make a list. I like listing what I'm going to take down to the last pair of underwear.

I exaggerate. for "underwear" I just list "underwear." I do specify which shirts and pants though. I have to decide how to look for the guest lecture next Tuesday. did I mention I'm giving a guest lecture on Tuesday? it's actually the same as the one I did on 48 hours' notice last year and I'm similarly not preparing much in the way of what to say since "My Life as a Transsexual" seems to flow fairly well extemporaneously. am trying to determine how best to open, though, and whether I should read any of the more or less linear parts of my autobiography for poetic spice.

I'm nervous. I have to fly. also travelocity isn't showing my reservations online so now I'm nervous that they got lost in some database failure and Alaska Airlines won't be expecting me. will call travelocity today but you know how I feel about doing things over the phone.

::fret fret::

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